Our products are made mostly from three types of leather: vegetable tanned, latigo tanned, and oil tanned. 


Products offered in vegetable tanned are usually shown in a lighter natural color. This leather is usually very stiff, contains little to no oils, and has not been dyed. The beauty of vegetable tanned leather is that it takes on a character of its own with more and more use. Sunlight, water, sweat, etc will all discolor, darken and age your bag. 


Latigo leathers are by far our most frequently used because of their rich soft texture and durability, while maintaining a rigid form. Latigo leather has been dyed, then oils and conditioners have been pressed into the hide to make it soft. It is an extremely durable hide that is nearly completely waterproof, scratch resistant, and wears to a beautiful patina. Latigo leathers are commonly used in horse tack and saddle making for these same reasons. 


Oil tanned leather is our softest leather and the most forgiving. Oils and dyes have tanned this leather to make it extremely supple as well as allowing hides to be colored in almost unlimited varieties. Most oil tanned bags can take a beating, then be treated with a leather conditioner, and look good as new. This makes this leather very appealing. 


Our bags are meant to be worn, and with more wear will come scratches and scuffs. This adds to the character of your bag and over time will create a beautiful patina. Here are some products that can be used to care for your leather bag over its long lifespan. 

ur most commonly recommended solution for leather care is conditioning with Neatsfoot Oil. Neatsfoot Oil is available at most hardware stores and can usually even out most scratches or stains. It also softens and protects your leather goods. It is easy to use by wiping on with a cloth. We advise to saturate a cloth evenly first with the oil rather than just dabbing it on. This helps to apply an even coat. 

Saddle soap would be our second recommendation for cleaning and protecting your leather. Also available at hardware stores or shoe stores. It is an easy wipe on and wipe off paste that should help to remove stains. 

Almost all leather care products will darken the leather, but usually only temporarily. Read all directions prior to using, and feel free to email us with questions!